Reishi Mushroom Tea for Immunity

When Chinese herbalists first began studying reishi mushrooms, which they called lingzhi, more than 2000 years ago, they were quick to discover that it offered a number of beneficial properties. Chief among those properties was its ability to improve the body’s defenses against illness. Scientists in recent years have taken a more in-depth look into the nature of reishi mushrooms, and have found that many of reishi’s constituents support its ancient use. Today, a healthy and delicious cup of mushroom tea can be just the thing to keep your immune system healthy, focused, and ready to defend you against whatever comes your way.


The Working Immune System

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea for ImmunityGenerally, we only become aware of our immune system when we think it is at risk ofbeing compromised, such as during cold and flu season. During this time, we often search for various ways to build up our immune system in preparation for a possible threat. What we seldom think about – or even realize – is that our immune systems are not only active during these seasons, but every day of our lives.

How Reishi Tea Promotes Immunity

Reishi mushroom tea has many advantages for building immune health, as it works in not one way, but several. Many of its constituents help to promote a different aspect of the immune system. Reishi mushrooms are known to contain polysaccharides that have demonstrated immune building properties. In studies, these polysaccharides have been shown to promote the growth of white blood cells that create antibodies, and also increase the activity of pathogen-fighting lymphocytes. Reishi mushrooms also improve the flow of blood, which is beneficial by helping to transport immune cells to the site of infection.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea Immunity

Reishi mushroom tea also helps to protect the immune system. Reishi contains antioxidants, which eliminate harmful free radicals. Free radicals weaken cells and make them more vulnerable to infection by harmful pathogens, thus making it more difficult for the immune system to prevent infections. By removing these free radicals, reishi mushroom tea can help to keep pathogens at bay, allowing the immune system to work as it should.

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