Reishi Mushroom Tea for Cholesterol

Throughout its two-thousand year history, reishi mushroom tea has been utilized and revered for its many positive effects. From calming stress to promoting longevity, this tea has gained a reputation as an important natural remedy. As medical science advances and we come to better understand the human body and its many problems, it only makes sense that we would also come to learn more about the many natural remedies available to us. It is therefore both exciting and unsurprising that preliminary studies have shown that reishi mushroom tea has a great potential for naturally regulating cholesterol levels.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

Not all cholesterol is created equal, and more importantly, not all cholesterol is bad. A portion of the cholesterol in our bloodstreams is actually created by our body to serve necessary functions. However, the body generally makes as much cholesterol as it needs.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea Cholesterol

High cholesterol, therefore, is caused by cholesterol that comes from other sources. These can be a genetic predisposition toward high cholesterol, or an unhealthy diet that includes a significant amount of high-cholesterol foods, such as red meat, dairy products, eggs, fried foods and saturated fats. Because the modern diet offers these kinds of food in abundance, the likelihood of having unhealthy cholesterol levels is much higher today than it has been in the past.

Cholesterol Dangers

When cholesterol levels become high, it significantly raises the risks of several health problems. Excess amounts of cholesterol cause plaque buildup in the bloodstream. This limits the amount of blood that can travel through the blood vessels – severely, in some cases – which can have consequences ranging from high blood pressure to a heart attack or stroke.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea for  Cholesterol

Reishi Mushroom Tea Helps Cholesterol Levels

Recent studies have shown that reishi mushroom tea has significant potential for helping to deal with unhealthy cholesterol levels. When consumed regularly, reishi mushroom tea can help to moderate cholesterol in one of two ways. First, it can help to limit the amount of cholesterol that is produced by the liver, which reduces the amount of overall cholesterol in the body. Reishi mushroom tea can also help in an even more unique and beneficial way. Ganoderic acids, compounds found in reishi mushrooms, have demonstrated the ability to help break down cholesterol buildup in the bloodstream. This allows the liver to filter this excess cholesterol out of the bloodstream and eventually eliminate it from the body. This effect is not only important for lowering overall cholesterol levels, but also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. In this way, drinking reishi mushroom tea is highly beneficial for regulating cholesterol levels and maintaining good overall health.

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