Reishi Mushroom Tea for Brain Function

Although it is easy to see that our brains are a vital part of us, responsible for controlling everything from our motor skills to our personalities, it still seems that in spite of all our new found knowledge, there is much about the human brain that is still not understood. As such, it seems difficult, if not impossible, to overestimate just how important the human brain is. Because of its importance, it is only common sense to want to take care of your brain, and as recent science has shown, there seems to be quite a number of things our brains need protecting from. Thankfully, reishi mushroom tea has a number of beneficial properties that can help to protect your brain and keep it healthy.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea for Brain Function

What Ages the Brain?


BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea Brain FunctionRecent scientific research tells us that our brains begin deteriorating possibly as early as our 20’s, just when the brain reaches maturity. Like other organs and muscles in the body, the normal wear and tear of life exacts a toll on the brain that causes it to become less functioning over time, especially in certain areas. However, some people experience worse degradation than others. Genetics, environment and lifestyle each play a role in how well – or poorly – the brain can deal with the many dangerous elements it encounters. Although there is no way to prevent aging completely, many steps can be taken to help keep your brain on the healthy side. These include exercising, keeping a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, avoiding stress and continuing to stimulate the mind through learning and challenging mental puzzles. Several herbs have also demonstrated many benefits for brain health as well.

Reishi Mushroom Tea Protects Brain Health

When it comes to protecting the brain from potential threats, few natural remedies can provide quite such a broad defense as reishi mushroom tea. Its antioxidant properties are extremely important for eliminating free radicals that could harm the neurons. The triterpenes and polysaccharides found in reishi mushrooms also possess anti-inflammatory abilities, a valuable trait for helping to protect the brain from becoming severely inflamed.

How Reishi Mushroom Tea Helps

Reishi mushroom tea has also shown specific neuroprotective abilities for stroke victims and those at risk of stroke. Preliminary studies have demonstrated that regular consumption of reishi may help to limit the damage of a stroke in two ways: First, reishi mushrooms help to reduce the area of the brain that is damaged by the stroke, causing a smaller area of impact; secondly, reishi protects the brain against one of the most dangerous effects of a stroke, which is the oxygen deprivation that occurs and is then followed by overexposure to oxygen due to the body’s attempt to compensate for the lack of oxygen. Although these findings are still in early stages, the potential that has been observed is very promising, and further studies hope to reveal even more about the benefits of reishi mushroom tea for brain health.

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