Reishi Mushroom Tea for Blood Sugar

With a two-thousand year history of medicinal use behind it, it comes as little surprise that reishi mushroom tea has a broad range of beneficial attributes. This exotic mushroom tea, once a favorite of emperors and herbalists alike, has only recently spread from its Asian territories to gain worldwide fame thanks to new scientific research, which helps to confirm many of its old uses and identify new, exciting potential benefits. One of the benefits identified by such research is reishi mushroom’s potential to help regulate blood sugar.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea for Blood Sugar

Maintaining Health Blood Sugar Levels

Our body requires a certain amount of blood sugar, or blood glucose, to be in the bloodstream at all times. Blood sugar provides fuel for the cells and metabolic function, without which we would be unable to function. However, if the level of blood sugar becomes more than the body can use, it can cause severe and potentially fatal complications. When blood sugar levels are chronically high, it is known as diabetes.

What Causes High Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar levels can become elevated for one of two reasons. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin to be able to regulate blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes occurs when, due to various circumstances, the body is unable to respond to the insulin effectively, thus making it unable to use the glucose in the bloodstream. While type 1 is largely affected by genetics, type 2 can have a number of causes, especially obesity resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle. In either case, blood sugar levels that aren’t managed through careful observation and medication become increasingly high, raising the risk of damaging effects on the body.

Interesting Topics About Reishi Mushroom Tea

How Reishi Mushroom Tea Helps

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea Blood Sugar

When it comes to dealing with high blood sugar, reishi mushroom tea has a variety of positive effects to offer. Reishi can help to limit the amount of sugar in the bloodstream by inhibiting alpha-glucoside, the primary enzyme that causes starch to become sugar. The polysaccharides found in reishi mushrooms also help to regulate blood sugar levels by prompting body tissue to use more of the glucose in the bloodstream. Some studies suggest that not only does reishi mushroom tea not lower the level of insulin in the blood, but may even potentially increase it, producing even greater results.

Reishi mushroom tea can also help to reduce complications caused by high blood sugar levels. By helping to keep blood sugar levels stabilized, reishi mushroom tea can reduce the risk of kidney disease caused by elevated blood sugar, and may also help to expedite the healing of wounds in diabetic individuals. These effects make reishi mushroom tea highly valuable for those seeking a healthy, natural way to lower their blood sugar.