Reishi Mushroom Tea For Blood Pressure

When Reishi Mushrooms first entered into the tea scene thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese herbalists were quick to adopt the mushroom tea for a variety of uses. Believed to promote vitality and longevity (even believed by some to be the key to immortality), and to promote calmness, thought, and wisdom. While reishi mushroom tea may not be the elixir of the immortals, recent studies suggest that many of the properties it was used for are still valid today. For example, its ability to promote calmness and stimulate thought may relate to one of its more recently discovered properties – helping to regulate blood pressure.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea for Blood Pressure

The Dangers of Unhealthy Blood Pressure

Although it is well known that it is important to keep blood pressure at healthy levels, people often underestimate just how dangerous unhealthy blood pressure levels can be. Blood pressure is made up of two readings – the amount of pressure in the veins when the heart contracts, and the pressure when it releases. A healthy blood pressure reading is typically anything below 120/80. Readings above 140/90 are considered hypertensive, or high blood pressure.

The causes of high blood pressure can vary greatly, sometimes with multiple factors, sometimes with no apparent cause at all. Whatever its cause, hypertension carries several risks. Among those risks are a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, damage to the eyes, kidneys, metabolism, and even difficulty with thinking and memory.

Readings of 90/60 or below are considered hypotensive, or low blood pressure. While some may have low blood pressure and experience no negative symptoms, for others, low blood pressure can cause dangerous side effects, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, even fainting, as well as more long-term issues like a lack of concentration, fatigue, and potentially even depression.

BuddhaTea Reishi Mushroom Tea Blood Pressure

How Reishi Mushroom Tea Can Help

Preliminary studies have shown that reishi mushrooms have great potential to help those looking to regulate their blood pressure. Multiple elements of reishi mushrooms have demonstrated a positive effect on blood pressure. In some studies, the polysaccharides have helped to bring blood pressure to a healthy level. Triterpenes found in reishi mushrooms have also shown an ability to regulate blood pressure. In one study, hypertensive patients who regularly consumed reishi mushroom were able to lower their blood pressure even when it had been unresponsive to medication. Although further study is still needed to determine if reishi mushrooms are a proven option for hypertensive individuals, these early results are highly promising. Even today, reishi mushroom tea remains a tasty and healthy way to help keep your blood pressure balanced.

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