Reishi Mushrooms

What is Reishi Mushroom Tea?

Believe it or not, the Reishi Mushroom, also known as the Lingzhi Mushroom, is one of the oldest mushrooms to have been used in herbal infusions. The herbal supplement experts in China have the advantage of centuries of research and experience in the effects of various plants and herbs. When you consider how bitter tasting many of the more beneficial supplements are, it is impressive that the Chinese were able to gather the information they collected. Down through the centuries, the reishi mushroom has been said to have properties that can benefit and encourage good health.

Supports Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Reishi mushroom tea can help to regulate important body functions such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. People with high blood pressure have been able to see a lowering of the blood pressure after drinking this tea. It has also been reported that the body is able to lower cholesterol and detoxify the blood after starting a regular regimen of reishi and a program of good diet with exercise.

Supports Healthy Immune Function

One of the other effects that the antioxidant features of reishi mushroom tea has on the body is that it helps to enhance the abilities of the immune system and it also helps to spur the growth of cells after an injury. This tea will help you to be able to reduce the chances that you will contract certain kinds of diseases and it will also help your body to heal quickly after an accident or surgery. The overall feeling of good health you will get with this tea has been said to start kicking in as early as two months after you begin regular use.

  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol

  • Supports Healthy Immune Function

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Supports Digestion

  • Antiviral Properties

  • Supports Blood Pressure

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Did you know? According to studies published in the Journal of American Medical Association, tea lowers your risk of death from all forms of cardiovascular diseases.

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Promise for Cancer Treatment

Reishi mushroom tea is one of the few herbal supplements that have been documented as being helpful in the fight against cancer. For certain types of cancer, this tea helps to slow the development of cancer cells and, in some cases, has actually been shown to prevent the creation of new cancer cells. There is also an antioxidant ingredient in reishi that helps to rebuild healthy cells in place of the cancerous ones. The effect of reishi on cancer cells is not consistent and it has not been shown to always be effective. But it is promising enough that many oncologists may recommend this tea to patients who are fighting the disease.

How To Prepare Your Reishi Mushroom Tea:

To prepare reishi mushroom tea, simply take one tea bag and place it in a cup of boiled water. Cover and allow it to steep for a period of 8 to 10 minutes. If possible, it is preferable to use filtered water that has been boiled in a ceramic or a glass pot.

Please note that individuals who are prescribed to medications or who are pregnant or nursing should first consult with a health practitioner before drinking reishi mushroom tea in order to avoid any adverse interactions. Those who are unfamiliar with reishi tea should take caution to ensure that they are not allergic to this tea before they drink it.